Dance community

If your primary interest in the Guiding Star Grange is for the contra dance scene, here are a couple of primary places online where that community hangs out:

PVCD (Pioneer Valley Contra Dance) mailing list
Lightly moderated email list, open to all. Purpose: "Friendly and open forum to announce any events of interest to the contra dance community, to arrange for carpooling, get directions and/or information on other dances and any other ideas, share thoughts or concerns."
(To subscribe, send a blank email message to PVCD+subscribe[at]groups [dot] io.)
Friends of Greenfield Dance website
This organization (formerly known as Friends of the Guiding Star Grange) provides educational and charitable programs to improve the number and quality of dance and music opportunities in the Greenfield MA area.
Friends of Greenfield Dance Facebook group
Open to all (requires free Facebook account). Information about our community and our building, photos, announcements, and other posts specific to the Friends and their mission.
The Greenfield Contra Dance is Awesome Facebook group
Open to all (requires free Facebook account). Some discussion, announcement, ride-sharing; excellent source of photos from local dances, thanks especially to prolific pro photographer Roger Katz.