The Grange awaits our return.

In the interim we are keeping up with the bills, the heat, and using the hall as we can for small groups. Meanwhile, here’s a new fun way we can carry on and support the cause: our dear dancing friend Elly Bruckner Marshall has instigated an Online Yard Sale, from Nov 11–13 — live now at 32auctions.com/ellysgifts.

I personally hope to see you either zooming around online or perhaps in person one of these days.

David Cantieni — President, Guiding Star Grange #1

Grange, Patrons of Husbandry

November 3, 2020

Dear Patron of our hall,

The Grange is grateful to you for your donations in this difficult time. Thanks to you, and to Becky and Keith for playing for us, we are feeling more secure than in spring and summer. By state law, our Grange is no longer closed to activities which can keep social distances. So, in addition to your generous gifts, we are getting income on Sundays again from the church attendees who have been instructed in COVID safety regulations.

A few dances have been held on Zoom, with only the band and caller in the hall, and we expect to resume using the hall for such things as rehearsals and small groups of musicians, with donations expected. Kitchen rentals are resuming, thanks to the good scrubbing provided by a few Grangers and also to the kitchen manager's diligence. We've even started to interview contractors to finish the work downstairs.

With fewer worries about paying the monthly mortgage, insurance, elevator inspection fee, and utilities bills, we are now looking forward to a time when the crisis has passed and we can fill the hall again with music and dance, Grange activities, and community events.

We are full of gratitude for your contributions toward maintaining our Grange. Our building is a place where we celebrate, dance, perform ceremonies, host officials, memorialize, and find community. Thank you for your help holding on to our hall, and hope to see you back there soon.

In Faith, Hope, and Charity, and with Fidelity
David Cantieni
Master, Guiding Star Grange #1

arriving for a dance
Guiding Star Grange #1
dance floor seen from the stage
perpetual e-motion