The Grange awaits our return.

In the interim we are keeping up with the bills, the heat, and using the hall as we can for small groups. We are grateful for all donations!

Note from the Master

December 1, 2020

First a note to say that the recent fundraiser, Elly’s Gifts, netted somewhere around $500. The Grange is so thankful for her support and for the support of everyone who helped make this endeavor a success. The Friends of Greenfield Dance played a large part and especially Maura Morrison, secretary of FGD, who took on a lot of the organizing. Julie Rich organized the online aspects of this event which turned out to be less than straight forward. Thanks to everyone.

And...looking ahead:
Change is the constant.
Hasn’t this been a year of change?

The Grange is taking note and making some adjustments. One of our newer members, Julie Rich, is taking on the job of coordinating fundraising efforts, and someone who is not new to the area but has recently joined the Grange, Dusti Dufresne, is innovating the management of our hall so that online scheduling will become a possibility.

As we head into the this winter time, please stay safe. We must enjoy each other’s company but at a distance.

In Faith, Hope, and Charity, and with Fidelity
David Cantieni
Master, Guiding Star Grange #1

arriving for a dance
Guiding Star Grange #1
dance floor seen from the stage
perpetual e-motion