The Grange awaits our return.

In the interim we are keeping up with the bills, the heat, and using the hall as we can for small groups. We are grateful for all donations!

Note from the Master

Dear Patrons and Friends,
It’s a new year, 2021!

"The winds of change are blowing" and "hope springs eternal." These phrases have been on my mind since the turn of the year. The words of the Grange pledge haunt me too, "in faith, hope, charity, and with fidelity."

I have faith that we will re-inhabit the Guiding Star Grange hall. I have hope it will be in the not so distant future.

Hope does spring eternal and when we hope we are also empowered to act. This past year has indeed been a year of hope spurring acts of charity. Our Guiding Star Grange is standing strong waiting for our return and this is due to the charity exhibited by many many people who believe in our glorious cause and keeping our hall safe.

It has been nine months and counting since the Grange closed for the first time ever. Even while we were doing the extensive remodel of the dance hall the doors remained open but now we are facing a much different challenge.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for contributions that are coming in to help sustain this beautiful hall that has been a place where we celebrate, share meals, dance, perform ceremonies, host officials, memorialize, and find community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you would like to make a monetary donation to help secure our future and contribute to our glorious cause, a common phrase used in the Grange, you can visit the donations page on this website. Stay tuned for all manner of fun-d-raising activities coming up.

The dollars you contribute will be used to pay such bills as the monthly mortgage payment, insurance, the elevator inspection and maintenance, the monthly utilities bills, and ultimately to insure that our hall will open in full form as soon as possible.

Other ways to donate: The Grange is always happy to have help as the upkeep of the hall continues and there are always things to do, small repairs, improvements to be made. Be in touch.

In Faith, Hope, and Charity, and with Fidelity
David Cantieni
Master, Guiding Star Grange #1

arriving for a dance
Guiding Star Grange #1
dance floor seen from the stage
perpetual e-motion