The Grange in the time of COVID-19

We so appreciate the outpouring of support to help sustain our hall, which continues to face $3000/month in expenses despite the complete loss of rental income.

Below is a letter from the Worthy Master of Guiding Star Grange #1, David Cantieni.

Joy Health Love and Peace, art by Ann Percival

Joy Love Health and Peace
Art by Ann Percival

April 13, 2020

Dear Patron of our hall,

I’m writing to you and others who may be interested in contributing to our glorious cause, to use a common phrase in the Grange, and I’m reflecting on the implications of your donation as well as the path forward.

Last week we had our regular Grange meeting. At that time we set up a committee to consider closing the Grange and possibly offering the space as a medical facility should the need arise. Little did we know that in such a short time, just a few days, the situation would develop to the point where our decision was made for us.

Our Grange building stands as a testament to the combined efforts of so many people over many many years. In 1936 our hall was erected during another difficult time in the history of this country, the Great Depression. There is no mention of the Depression that I know of in our Grange records, but it is recorded that the women of the Grange raised money to buy the land on which the Grange stands and the men organized construction of the building. As far as I know, this is the first time the building has been closed. Even while we were doing the extensive remodel of the dance hall, the doors remained open.

All that has changed seemingly overnight. The Grange is closed.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for contributions that are flowing in to help sustain this beautiful hall that has been a place where we celebrate, dance, perform ceremonies, host officials, memorialize, find community, and the list goes on.

The dollars you contribute will be used to pay such bills as the monthly mortgage payment, insurance, the elevator inspection fee, the monthly utilities bills, and ultimately to make sure the hall will open in full form as soon as the crisis has passed.

In Faith, Hope, and Charity, and with Fidelity
David Cantieni
Master, Guiding Star Grange #1

arriving for a dance
Guiding Star Grange #1
dance floor seen from the stage
perpetual e-motion